Mobile email newsletters – you only get one shot


Some interesting stats and usage habits from Litmus. Apparently you only get one shot at capturing a readers attention and the percentage of ‘Read it later’ type behaviour by users is low.


  • Mobile opens are growing rapidly. In the last year, emails opened on mobile devices more than doubled, and have increased 80% in the last six months alone.
  • Just 3.3% of users have viewed a single email in more than one environment (both mobile and either desktop or webmail)
  • Users who have recently read email on their mobile will do so again about 45% of the time
  • This means that nearly 97% of emails are viewed just once.
  • Mobile Friendly is no longer an option… rather a requirment.
  • With nearly 38% of all email opens occurring in mobile devices, the portability of email has never been so crucial. 

Read the full article on the Litmus blog.

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