Research and infographic from M.A.R.C. Research and the Google Shopper Council which looks at how shoppers use mobile, and found that across the board, shoppers who use mobile more actually spend more in store, so marketers (and store owners) should face the mobile in-store challenge head on and own the digital shelf.

Research showed that phones were primarily used for:

  • Price comparison (53%)
  • Finding offers and promotions (39%)
  • Finding locations of other stores (36%)
  • Finding hours (35%)

Search is often the starting point for in-store mobile activity

82% of smartphone shoppers use mobile search to help make purchase decisions. This represents a critical moment where businesses can win or lose customers.

Understanding how mobile changes the retail game
1 in 3 smartphone shoppers would rather find information using their smartphone than ask a store employee. In categories like electronics and appliances, this behavior occurs for close to 50% of smartphone shoppers.

Source: Google Blog

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